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Using the parallel branch of Fabric 01/06/2011 [Programming]
Parallel execution with fabric 10/08/2010 [Programming]
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Github and Bitbucket hooks 09/29/2010 [Version Control]
Getting twitter feed running for Blogofile 09/28/2010 [Website, Programming]
Switching to Blogofile 09/28/2010 [Website, Programming]
Using rst for presentations 09/12/2010 [Programming]
Fedora KVM with simple network forwards 06/02/2010 [Servers, Linux]
Fedora with awesome window manager 05/29/2010 [Linux]
How fabric gets it right 02/11/2010 [Tools, Programming, Linux]
GNU tools presentation 02/01/2010 [Linux]
Logitech MX Revolution configuration 08/24/2009 [Linux]
Getting stfl working on fedora 11 x64 07/30/2009 [Linux]
Decouple with kwargs 07/22/2009 [Programming, Linux]
Trac makes my life easy 07/22/2009 [Servers, Linux]
Authenticating svn and trac with wordpress 05/07/2009 [Servers]
Fedora 10 on the eeePC 900 05/04/2009 [Linux]